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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 26, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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locally causing confusion and concern and who is at risk. topper is tracking your weekend forecast and trouble in the tropics. and controversy builds over the glen beck rally. tonight, a story you will see only on 9 news now. a warning about lead contamination is concerning one local neighborhood. now, people are concerned about having their blood drawn by the d.c. department of health. and one playground is shut down. >> four month pregnant and vanessa fogle is already fretting about the playground where her child will some day play. >> i don't want lead around my child. we had lead problems, i think, a few years ago with the water. i expect that would have been fixed by now. >> reporter: this time, the concern has nothing do with the water. it surround the demolition
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work. a caller phoned the city friday to report dust clouds there. >> it was an older building, we suspect there had may be possibly a lead contamination problem. >> reporter: the director department of the environment is r says they are now testing people just as they did the playground equipment. >> one of them was about 11,000 micro grams per square foot which is not a whole lot in an outdoor environment but enough to be a concern for us. >> reporter: mobile units were out here tonight, with local nurses drawing blood. health officials urge women to get tested. >> it does confirm because i feel like there is no one around to warn us about these problems. that can be big. that can be very big. >> reporter: i asked the director if he could identify
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the demolition site. there is a law against that. so obviously they don't want to make that public. lead can cause learning setbacks in still developing brains and slow down growth leaving kids small for their age. that's why testing is so important to pinpoint the problem early. so the tests come back, you have too much lead in your system, then what? >> there are some basics, removing the source. that's big thing. they're going to look at where the contamination is coming from, in homes, dust. that's important. make sure that your child has vitamin c, iron, that hems protect the body. if it comes back really high, there is something called kelation lation therapy in which they put these things into your body. >> if you are in your own home, you are worried about dust.
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>> obviously testing, testing different sources but also even as they look at where the contamination is coming from, if it's in the air, look for toys, wash with warm, soapy water. this is a good idea if you have little ones putting dust in their mouth. doing that would minimize the exposure we have late-breaking news for you out of falls church where police are investigating a deadly crash. officers, in fact, just reopened part of the leesburg pike near goram street. this was the scene earlier tonight after a motorcyclist and a truck collided near the leesburg pike plaza. we have learned that the motorcycle driver, indeed, perished in the wreck. the driver of the truck was not hurt. the cause is not known. an update as soon as we know more. >> look for controversy here in washington this weekend on the 47th anniversary of the martin luther king's famous itch a
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dream speech. conservative activists are claiming their own lincoln memorial rally which some followers of dr. king see is almost sacrilegious gary is live from the mall where he is engaging members of both parties. >> they say is coincidence that it is falling on the anniversary of that iconic 1963 speech. >> >> reporter: it it was 47 years ago saturday a turning point in the struggle forey duality. let freedom ring. >> yoo thursday evening, workers were making preparations for this saturday's rally featuring conservative talk show hit glen beck who says that is going away. he says he was inspired by dr. king. >> i knew dr. king and i have been pained over the years at people who use his name against the very principles that is movement espoused.
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this is what's going on here. >> reporter: beck says that president obama hates white people. >> that's a terrible thing to say. and he would say that he has to learn to president obama. >> she is martin luther king's niese, supports beck in his evolution. >> i begin to see him expand to begin to accept other things. >> beck's supporters are excited. >> we need to make a difference we need to speak out and be americans. >> oppose big governments. >> we need to think bigger about having a budget that balances, thinking about what we are leaving for our kids. i don't have kids yet, but i hope i'm not leaving them a bunch of debt. >> august 28th at the lincoln memorial? >> kind of bad taste. >> taunt royfaaunteroy will
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take part in his own rally. >> one day, i pray that we will sing free at last together. >> organizers say that this is an event to restore american values like fairness and say it is not fair to judge them before the rally takes place. new at 11, family members of the man shot and killed by police in d.c. trinidad neighborhood are filing a lawsuit against the department. i have a copy here of the wrongful death suit that they filed against u.s. park police. the four-year-old died last june after park police shod and killed him. that officer, along with four other comes if plain clothes were pa together neighborhood as part of an fbi task force called safe streets. they reported seeing a call about a man with a gun when they found joyner. what happened after that is still in question. tonight, a fairfax man named one of the top 10 most wanted child sex offenders in
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the country is sitting behind bars. police found john edward hamilton in poland yesterday while he was trying to cross into the czech republic. he is accused of sexually abusing five boys in virginia. the 39-year-old former baseball and basketball coach has been missing since last october. he did not appear for a scheduled court hearing. now, he will stand trial on five counts related to sex crimes against a minor. and tonight, montgomery county police are hoping you will help identify this man accused of raping an 86-year- old woman. the victim sleeping in her home at the church living community on saturday when a man climbed into a window and attacked her. they believe that the same man may have attacked another woman across the street in june. now police are expanding the search. >> we are actually reaching out across the country to see if there are any similar attacks that have been perpetrated in the same fashion. >> we are working with sex
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offender registry. we are actively investigating this case. we want to know who is responsible for. this we want to -- for. this we want to get this person off the street. >> and police are offering a reward. the man accused of attacking 18 people in three stairkts include three stabbings in leesburg, virginia, will be held without bond. 33-year-old elias abuelazam was arraigned by video. mr. arrested him in atlanta back on august 3rd family members of the victims killed in the metro crash on the red line will have to wait even longer for their day in court. the lawsuit has been pushed back to january 2012. it was schedule iewld for september of next year but a u.s. district judge granted a motion to delay the trial four more months. the judge also said he will hear metro's motion to dismiss portions of the suit because the aim si is protected by
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sovereign i immunity. that hearing is set for september. he belongs to an organization working to promote interfaith understanding. but he is also accused of stabbing a cab driver because he was muslim. he was in a cab and asked him if he was a muslim. when ahmed sharif says he was, enright attacked him through the small partition. sharif suffered deep cuts to his hand, neck and face. >> the knife came here, on my right hand. >> i work hard, try to support my family. and i believe in this country, if you work hard, you are honest, you are good, you can have anything you want. >> reporter: enright is charged with attempted murder as a hate crime. police say he was drunk. he was also taken in for
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psychiatric evaluation. tonight, rescue teams in capitol hill released video taken deep down a mine where those 33 miners are still trapped. the video shows the men to be in relatively good spirit. they have been trapped down there half a mile below the surface since august 5th. it could take four months to get them out of there right now, authorities have decided not to reveal that to the miners themselves. still ahead tonight, i pray at home, every day, every night. >> the murder of vanessabaffled police. now her family speaks out. temperatures will be comfortable. winds light, north-northeast at
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10. we'll come back and track the tropics for you. danielle will go north northeast but will still have an feect on the east coast. kç1
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tomorrow marks two months since 19-year-old vanessa fam was last seen found in her crashed car with stab wounds. >> it's hard not to have the emotions come true. vanessa pham's mother should have been sending her daughter off to school as a college sophomore this week. instead, today, she's visiting her daughter's gravesite. >> i pray at home every day, every night. i pray for her before i sleep. i pray for her. >> reporter: mom comes out here every day to visit vanessa's gravesite. she thinks about her every
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waking moment and hope her daughter's killer is caught. >> reporter: detectives are stumped and say they have no information on who or why someone killed vanessa. but they come to visit her to remind the family that even though phone calls and leads have stopped, they have not given up. >> feels like we are working on it together. >> the day after her death, detectives released video of her car leaving the shopping center 10 minutes before she was found dead. in the days and weeks after, police would reach out in search of potential witnesses. >> we have not caught the person yet but i'm hopeful that we will. >> reporter: the murder of the james madison high school graduate remains a mystery, leaving her family anguishing even longer with no one caught. >> now after all this time, police say they really need the public's help if they're going to solve this case.
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it looks like chicken feed may be the source of salmonella and a massive egg recall. inspectors found positive samples of the bacteria at two owing farms. more than 500 million eggs were recalled. mean while, one of the iowa egg farmers at the center of all of this battled with maryland officials back in the 1990s. the state tried to shut down the company owned by austin decoster because he was selling contaminated eggs but the u.s. department of agriculture did not get involved because salmonella did not make the hens sick. he successfully sued the state in '92, arguing that maryland could not stop it from selling across state lines and he left the state in 1993. tonight, a baltimore police officer is outs of a job after this incident was caught on tape. >> sit down.
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sit down. >> that was salvatore riveri. tonight, the police commissioner fired him. the incident happened at the inner harbor. it was posted online by the 14- year-old's friend. as you might imagine, this became an internet sensation. he berates the teen, puts him in a head lock, shoves him to the ground. a battle is brewing between some d.c. restaurants and some mobile street vendors. some restaurants say they are losing a whole lot of lunchtime business to those vendors and they want the vendors face some of the same type of restrictions they do in hopes of keeping the competition fair. >> what concerns us now is the new type of vending which may be a logical thing to grow into needs to have the same type of
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public vetting that previous vending have had. >> they have been considering 64 page of proposed regulations that would affect those mobile vendors. heads up about a compute commuter alert -- commuter alert for the weekend. two of the three lanes on i-66 will be closed between nutley street and the beltway. this will last until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. traffic will be shifted over the i-626 bridge over the beltway. >> 66 needs no excuse to be backed up. >> they take a couple of lanes. >> spectacular today, low humidity. going to get even better tomorrow. i think you can bet on saturday. we have pure sunshine. get sunglasses. 82. 88 on saturday. fantastic. on sunday now, it's going to be hot but it's not going to be humid. so a very nice day.
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high temperatures will make it back into the low 90s. high mass will quickly cool off at night. breakdown for tomorrow. in the morning, upper 60s sunshine, upper 70s by evening. just nice. 82 by evening just a little bit below average. overnight, clear skies and cooler. low temperatures, 58 to 68. winds out of the north at 10. some of the northern and western suburbs will make i had into the upper 50s. tomorrow morning, a cool start. dry air mass warmed up quickly. 70s and 80s. air quality code green. that he is good air quality. by afternoon. sunny and just spectacular. high temperatures in the low 80s, light winds, low humidity, does not get much better for the month of august. 81 in gaithersburg. 82 out in reston and 81 in
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manassas. now latest on danielle, soon to become a category 3 storm. that's the bad news. the good news, it's going to pass by bermuda and some of the the swell will affect the eastern seaboard by as early as tomorrow. earl will become a hurricane in the next 24 to 48 hours. when it does, it will take a little farther souterly and westerly track but there is some good news that thinks going to go off to the north and east and spare the eastern seaboards with the exception of some swells. you might want to download our 9 hurricane tracker and track them with us. upper 80ed on saturday. again, not humid on sunday and monday. it's going to be toasty, low to mid-90s. mid-90s on wednesday, thursday, friday but still not that humid which is a pretty good deal to
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fin yushkevich -- finish up the summer strong. what time did they start playing baseball? because they are still going. >> there is no clock in baseball. all these people will miss the metro station home. 20 runs after 9 innings and it was not enough to end this thing. nats and cardinals in extra innings and drama. and the redskins get ready for tomorrow's game and life without donovan for a while. his understudy speaking out. wcwcwcwc
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should have been nervous when he walked on to a major league field for the first time after all, bryce harper is only 17 years old but he was not nervous because he took batting practice with the nats and cracked about 8 home runs, including one into the third deck where only adam dunn has gone before. a rather dramatic introduction by harper to the people of washington, the number 1 overall pick in the draft signed a 10 million-dollar contract two weeks ago. today was his welcome to d.c.
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press conference. for a teenager, he didn't seem fazed. >> it's been a lot of fun. it's just like -- i don't know. i don't really get star struck looking at other players and stuff. i still meet pro guy, guys that have been through it, go out there and play ball. >> nats hosting the cards. jordan zimmerman back from tommy john surgery and should not feel bad about that. albert pujols' 400th career home run. fastest man ever to that mark. nats down 10-8, bottom of the 9th but the greyhound, roger bernadina knocks this one out, ties the game at 10. right now they are still tied the redskins are tucked away in new jersey getting some sleep before the preseason game against the jets. here is hoping that rex grossman will have some sleep because he has some heavy lifting to do with donovan
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mcnabb out. rex grossman will be the workhorse. he should be familiar with kyle shanahan's system since he ran it all year in houston last year. >> you always like to see a quarterback get a clans to show what they can do. rex has played a lot of years in the national football league. he has been in the super bowl. you know what he can do. >> it's going to be fun for me. i'll take advantage of it. >> night high school kicks off in the d.c. area. we are still looking for students to join our team, shoot video at your school if you choose. we get a free flip cam. apply two days after dissorry sores went final, tiger woods perhaps with a clear mind for the first time in a while played some decent golf. 6 upped to lead the tournament. his best round of the year. with that, it is now our weekly look at the excellent and i say not so excellent in
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the world of sports. my friends join me for the good, the bad and ugly for august 26th. we start with the good. best catch by an unsuspecting bystander at the phillies game foul ball behind the plate. this guy happens to be walking by the concession stands, grabs it without dropping his soda. he keeps on walking. trick shot, the guys from legendary shots went to alabama and started throwing balls. nothing but net. look at this shot. you buy snit. >> yes. >> i buy it, too? i'm surprised they let him in the amusement park after hours. i i guess they are understandable. >> phil mickelson way left on this approach shot, lands this shot right on the guy's -- tee box. either that guy is big a cast iron boxer shot or that thing
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bounced before it got to him because he would have been in pain. >> from the same family, did you see that pickoff move from jake arrieta koordz carl crawford, right in the tee box. that would be hard to do. i would say that jake arrieta did not do that on purse and see the guy who put his toyota camry on the other side of the green monster, thought he had a great space until the home run went through the windshield. do you think that the red sox will take care of the deductible? look at the car. i can't believe it. finally, worst strikeout. michele wie at the women's british who swings and misses. did you see that? watch it again up close. it was not a practice swing but an actual swing, got nothing for air. and that answers all the questions, yes, that count as a stroke. even if she didn't hit it, that
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counts as a hit.
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2 what a night. >> and letterman is up next. we love him, too. good night. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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